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Bannon's War Room: Eric Greitens defends AZ Election Audit, calls for forensic audit in several other states
Team Greitens
May 20, 2021

On Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic, former Missouri Governor and US Navy SEAL commander Eric Greitens EXPOSED major flaws in the 2020 presidential election and called for a full forensic audit-- not just in Arizona but in several other states.

Bannon: Commander Greitens. Question. Query. Do you support getting to the bottom of November 3rd in Arizona away? We're going the way they're going through the forensic audit out there, sir?
Greitens: Yes. And yes, Arizona and Georgia and Michigan. And Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, it all has to be done.

Greitens also pointed out other empirical anomalies from the 2020 election that merit serious review.

Greitens: There are 19 counties in the United States of America that since 1980 have voted every presidential election for the president. What does that mean? For Reagan in 80, for Reagan in 84.
Bannon: Pretty good track record mathematically. Pretty good.
Greitens: So we talk about signals. That means that like those signals, those 19 counties, all of them have gotten every election right for 40 years. What happened in the 2020 election?
Bannon: 19 counties? 19?
Greitens: Yes, sir.
Bannon: So, for 40 years, [those 19 bellwether counties] have always voted for the winner, correct?
Greitens: Yes, sir.
Bannon: Pretty extraordinary. It's an extraordinary thing.
Greitens: It's a signal with a lot of fidelity. We would call that.
Bannon: That's brilliant--signal with a lot of fidelity. This is an important thing to focus on.
Greitens: So 18 of 19 counties went to Trump. Now here's what's--
Bannon: Sop. Stop.
Greitens: Yes.
Bannon: You're saying after 40 years-- this is the Cortez thing you're saying-- after 40 years, 18 of the 19 bellwethers, 18 of the 19 go for Trump. I would assume looking at science-based evidence-based database. That Trump was the winner of said election?
Greitens: Absolutely.

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