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Soros-funded DA Could Lose Law License for Misconduct in False Case Against Eric Greitens
Team Greitens
May 18, 2021

Investigators found massive wrongdoing by Gardner in the failed case against Greitens, citing 62 acts of misconduct that resulted in 79 false representations

St. Louis' Democrat Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner is facing 62 charges of professional misconduct from the Missouri Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, a state agency of the Missouri Supreme Court. The charges relate to Gardner's misconduct in her failed case against Missouri's then-Governor Eric Greitens, a conservative Republican Navy SEAL.

All of Gardner's charges against Greitens were dismissed as she failed to provide any evidence and a judge ordered that Gardner could be questioned under oath about her handling of the case.

An investigation found Gardner committed 62 acts of misconduct that resulted in 79 false representations to the court, Greitens' defense team, and even her own prosecutors. For her misconduct in the false case against Greitens, Gardner could lose her license to practice law. Gardner is also the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation by a special prosecutor appointed to investigate criminal activity related to the case against Greitens.

In 2019, Gardner's lead investgator William Don Tisaby, an ex-FBI agent was indicted on 7 felony counts of evidence tampering and perjury in the failed prosecution of Greitens.

Just The News reported:

The unraveling of the criminal case was highlighted in a Just the News investigative report last year, prompting some to compare Gardner's actions to the FBI's now-confirmed misconduct during the pursuit of then-President Donald Trump during the Russia collusion probe.
Pratzel concluded that Gardner had violated her responsibilities as a lawyer and a prosecutor, essentially suborning Tisaby's perjury by "failing to take reasonable remedial measures when she knew Tisaby was giving false answers to questions."
"She offered and elicited false testimony when questioning Tisaby" during a deposition ordered by the court and also provided inaccurate information to a fellow prosecutor during a private session in the judge's chambers that later led that prosecutor to make false statements to court, the memo alleged.

Greitens released the following video in response to the revelations that Gardner could lose her law license:

Former prosecutor and senior advisor to President Donald J. Trump Kimberly Guilfoyle, who serves as the National Chair of Greitens campaign for the U.S. Senate spoke out on Newsmax.

"[Kim Gardner] shouldn’t have her job. She also shouldn’t have her license to practice law. 62 instances of professional misconduct, 79 false representations in a vicious, malicious smear campaign against Governor Greitens. This has been a big vindication for Eric Greitens," said Guilfoyle.

On War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon , investigative journalist John Solomon likened the attacks on Greitens to the debunked Trump-Russia Collusion hoax.

On Saturday, Greitens appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss the developments in the investigation into Gardner.

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