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FAKE NEWS: KC Star Liberal Columnist Caught Lying About Governor Greitens Visit to Lake Lotawana
Team Greitens
February 11, 2022

"Proof that the KC Star dishes out lies and liberal propaganda. How do they sleep at night knowing they are deceiving the people of Missouri?"

On Monday, former Missouri governor and Navy SEAL Eric Greitens was enthusiastically greeted by hundreds of grassroots conservatives from across the south Kansas City area.

Over 300 people attended the We The People of Jackson County event featuring Governor Greitens at the Lake Lotawana Shooting Club.

Governor Greitens called out RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in Jefferson City for caving to Missouri Democrats on the issue of congressional redistricting. Greitens has led the charge for a map that would reflect 7 Republican districts and 1 Democratic district.

However, establishment RINOs have joined their liberal colleagues in pushing for the Pelosi Map that could likely lead to a 5 Republican - 3 Democratic makeup within the next few election cycles.

“The weak, woke RINOs in Jefferson City have betrayed the people of Missouri… they’ve betrayed America First patriots across the nation,” said Governor Greitens.

Greitens also excoriated the political insiders’ push to change Missouri elections to a ranked choice voting system, an initiative he has publicly rejected.

Among the hundreds in attendance, was Mará Rose Williams, a liberal columnist employed by the Kansas City Star, who was loudly booed and heckled as “fake news.”

Following the event, the far-left columnist tried to falsely claim that women in the audience refrained from applauding Governor Greitens during his speech.

However, Governor Greitens’ campaign quickly released multiple photos from the event that proved Williams was lying.

Governor Greitens is currently dominating the Republican field for the US Senate in Missouri in both polling and fundraising. According to President Trump’s pollster, Governor Greitens holds a 30-point lead in the GOP primary.

As of December 2021, Governor Greitens campaign has taken in over 33,000 donations from over 24,000 individuals.

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